Reminder: ML Themed Logik Live in 90 minutes!

We’re 90 mins away from an all-new Logik Live that will blow your mind!
We’re doing another ML-themed Logik Live this Sunday, and it’s going to be amazing! First up is Andriy Toloshny, who put together the python-based ML Timewarp Tool for Flame (available at Andriy is going to tell us what lead to his search for an open-source ML tool and how he wrapped it up into Python. Then we are going to hear from Cristobal Valenzuela, founder of RunwayML. We’ve all seen Green Screen, their new ML Roto tool. If you haven’t, check it out at Cristobal is going to talk about Green Screen and how Runway is enabling creatives all over the world to develop their own ML tools. He’s going to provide a discount code for viewers - but you have to be there to take advantage😀.

And, I’m going to be giving away a 12-month subscription to Optics from Boris FX!

Andriy and Cristobal are going to join us for an exclusive Q&A with our Patreon Patrons immediately following the show. To become a patron [visit](https://visit

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If you can’t make the Zoom you can catch the stream live or replayed at While you’re there, please like & subscribe!

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