New RV Competitor from Ftrack / Cinesync Play

Looks promising, had a look at it and it works, does OCIO, caching and all and its free.

even supports OTIO and more - cool!


I like the look of it.

Seems nice and simple to use. Trying to get a player for image squences can be tricky.
We use DJV but it is a little fiddly for some.

yea I also use djv mostly but never gotten warm with djv2 then I think it doesnt do dnxhd… this is pretty nice.

Probably the best on is scratch play pro though but no linux version afaik.

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I might take a look for our producers but I do think they will like the markup tools in cinesyncPlay

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Is this the same cinesync that’s been around for the last decade or so? Not judging… just asking. Guessing FTrack acquired it or?

Yeah. I think it was Cinesync from Rising Sun (AUS). Synchronised playback and annotations.

I don’t think this version on has the ability to sync with anyone remotely.

yes ftrack bought cinesync like 1 month before the pandemic or something. they have the synced playback stuff now in ftrack review

I downloaded it… I’m loving it!

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