Numerical values of RGB Pixel

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I was wondering if there is a way to get the numerical values for R, G and B for a given pixel so I could feed these values into an expression?


There is no interactive method, unfortunately. You can use Y_Sample to sample the color, separate it into RGB channels, use each as a displacement map on a white frame and track the height of each thus giving you three values that are baked in. Really convoluted… and not interactive.

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Thx Sinan. Thx for your trick.
Will be a little to complex for my use.
I think there might be a way though as for exemple, the “Chip” matchbox can tell the rgb value of a selected pixel.
The problem is that the values are showed but not usable. :frowning:

I’ll keep digging :wink:

Yep, not possible to sample the value directly (would be cool if there was an expression). I think in the past there was a ‘spark’ that could analyze pixels if I’m not mistaken. I think it was part of Ls_scoops.spark.
But this doesn’t work in recent flame releases.

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