On set HDR photos for IBL


Is anyone doing 360 HDR photos on set using a Sony camera?

There seems to be no 8mm lenses for eMount. Any help pointing me to an 8mm eMount lens would be appreciated.

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Metabones makes adapters and I used to use one on a Sony A7S something something with a Canon 8-15mm lens.


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Thanks. Yes, that’s what I’be been told. Something like this one:

Yup. That’s the lens.

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I’m a big Sony shooter, but I do my panos with the 360-degree camera RICOH THETA
The iOS app supports bracketing. I start with the fastest shutter it has, and bracket down in 2 stop increments until the image almost completely white.
When outdoors I’ll pop off a raw image of the sun with my Sony, stopped all way down, and with the fastest shutter, using the same white balance as the Theta.
Much less expensive than the Canon lens and and a Pano head, and weighs a fraction, too.


Same here SamE, I use a Theta as my very easy to use HDR tool. But sometimes clients (VFX Studios) want a “real camera” for the HDRs (the Theta can be a little limited in the res department). Specially if they are rendering highly reflective surfaces/materials (higher resolution). I just updated my set up with shiny new A7RV which has 60 MP! That should be enough for the most fetishistic lighting artist.

Hey @Julioeon,
I’ve had complaints for shooting HDR’s with the A7R IV, which has the same sensor, because of the ‘insane’ amount of data. Always best to ask what they want, bring the right tool, and a backup.
What lens are you using? Which panoramic head?

Hey Sam. Thanks for the tip on the “IAOD”. I can understand, this camera can record photos at 9504x6336. I will change the resolution to something more realistic. I am still looking for the 8mm native lenses but it seems such a lens does not exist for Sony eMount. I will have to use an adaptor for Canon.

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