Mirrorless cameras...how can I retire my Promote Remote?

Anybody out there using mirrorless cameras for multiple bracketed exposures, anywhere from 9-13 stops at 1.0 EV?

Im thinking about upgrading to a Canon mirrorless something but can’t seem to find any details regarding anyone who needs more than 3 bracketed exposures. I love the speed of my old Canon 6D with Promote Remote handling all the exposures, but, looking for something smaller, lighter, and with less stuff in my kit.

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Not to make this into a Canon/Nikon debate but Nikon has always allowed for full bracketing in camera. I haven’t tried the Z series but I’d imagine they carried that feature over as well.

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Care to define “full bracketing”?

Up to 9 exposures and from .3 to 2ev I believe. You use the combo of ev range and number of exposures to fill the DR of the sensor… so at 2ev max exposures drops to 5 because where else can you go.

9 tends to be overkill for most hdrs.

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If only I had lots of Nikon lenses… :-). Thanks for the insight.

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My personal belief is that a 28-300, and a fisheye is pretty much all you would ever need for a shoot kit. But I like to travel light :slight_smile:

Agreed. My Canon 8-15mm fisheye and 24-105 is all thats left in my pelican.

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Looks like here’s your answer:

R series Canon and an adapter should be all you need.


Thanks @cnoellert. 7 exposures at 2.0EV increments would surely be sufficient, right?

@randy sorry for the late reply… 7 at 1 or 1.3 is usually what I shoot and that more than covers it. If I’m stressed for time I’ll do 5 at 2. Modern sensors have more than enough DR to fill the gaps.