One Frame of White is BACK!

The world’s greatest VFX contest is back for 2021! Make anything you can think of using all of the tools available in Autodesk Flame. The only catch is that you can’t use any external footage. Everything must be generated from a single frame of white!

First prize is a Dell Precision 7760 Laptop with 128GB RAM, an Nvidia A5000 GPU and 8TB of NVMe storage, worth more than $12,000! And that’s just one of our amazing prizes!

1st Place: Dell Laptop (MSRP: $12,057)

2nd Place: 12-mo subscription to Flame, courtesy of Autodesk (MSRP: $4,415)

3rd Place: T-Tap Pro from AJA Video Systems (MSRP: $795)

4th Place: Permanent License of Mocha Pro OFX from Boris FX (MSRP $695)

5th Place: 1 yr sub to the 2K Max Plan from ActionVFX (MSRP: $490)

6th Place: License of vMix HD from (MSRP $350)

7th & 8th: $300 credit to Backblaze cloud backup

9th & 10th: $99 Gift Card to fxPHD from fxguide | fxphd

All contestants will get a free temp license of Sapphire OFX to use for the contest, courtesy of Boris FX!

The contest starts NOW and ends on November 21st. For a complete list of prizes, the rules and to register, head to


Hey @andymilkis …any bonus points for sporting the merch whilst working the One Frame batch?



Here’s 1,024 bonus !

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I’ll definitely give you style points! :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:

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ooh…never had style points before.