One frame of white! Let's get a hashtag going...?

Hey everybody. This is my first post I think. Lol. Pretty tired, wired, been up for days working on my #OFOW. Here is a post I just put on LinkedIn. Gonna tease it out until the contest is decided. Anyone who entered wanna do the same? If you are like me it was a knock-down drag-out good time. Let’s share the stories of our production, I am choosing to spoon it out slowly, starting with my rough cut. Here is a link on LinkedIn. Let me know if you are hashtaggin’ along with me for the ride! WooooT!

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Not sure that link worked, here it is again. The hashtag is #ofow if u are on board. Peace. Sign Up | LinkedIn

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Yup that link worked. That’s your rough cut! Pretty sure that is what my submission would look like :+1:

Looking forward to seeing it soon @FLYfx
Glad to see you so pumped about it.

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is that the tune that burst in on the logik live last might?

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Yes. Just finished a render and hit play, did not realize my mic was on. Good times. Lol.

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been there done that


Did that live on broadcast news once! As i dropped in my last shot on the avid, looked up at the off air monitor to see the gallery had cut to my output without warning. Quick as a flash jumped to start and hit play…and no one even noticed.

Submitted mine two weeks ago…the wait to see the other entries is like some kind of slow dripping water torture!


Yesterday’s post after a few tweaks, the #OFOW entrants are now online in case you missed it!