Organization - Color Clips in Timeline with Keyboard Shortcut

Is there a way to assign keyboard shortcuts to color clips in the timeline? I don’t see an option to do so in the keyboard shortcut manager. But maybe I’m missing something.

I’m getting tired of right clicking and then selecting the color. Would be nice to assign keys for different colors.

Absolutely! You can write a python script to change the color of selected clips, and the script can be assigned to a hotkey.

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Glenn…I’ll post a script for you and then show you how to modify it.

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That would be awesome. Thank you!

Hi Glenn,

I recorded a little video for you to help make this work:

Download link for the python script and the instructions on how to install, assign hotkeys and modify are in the description of the YouTube video.

Huge high-five to @MikeV for helping me get through my mental block on this one :slight_smile:


Wow! That is rad.

Thank you Andy and Mike! This is going to save me a ton of time. Really can’t thank you enough.

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hey Andy!

I’m interested in this script, is this possible to upload it on the LogikPortal or in your dropbox link (it appears deleted) ?
thanks you!

I was wishing I had this the other day also.

Hi all! Sorry about that. I had moved the file from dropbox to Google Drive. I’ve updated the link in the YouTube description, but here it is as well: - Google Drive


Thank you! it works very well :star_struck: