Timeline neatness

Hi all

I’m trying to iron out a way for us all to organise our timelines nicely.

A few things like colour coding certain layers etc we are good with, but does anyone else use nice little markers or other ways to denote certain things on shots?

Like a nice way to highlight the fact that a shot has a timewarp etc? I was looking at markers but they seem a bit too manual. What are other people up to on this stuff?


Only using color coding atm, but it works great.

One color for:
Segments that require the track below to work (manual)
Timewarps (Color TWs script from LogikPortal)

Nice ! I’ll have a look at the colour tws script

I use color coding a lot. I have a request to be able to assign a meaning to colors. e.g. Green = Approved, Yellow = Needs Work, etc.

Kind of a ‘legend’ that you can assign. This way other artists know what the colors mean.

FI-01441 Coloring Clips, Segments & Markers - Need a Color legend / label what color codes mean


I, too, use color a lot—and desperately wish I could have custom colors appear in the contextual menu without having to open the color picker. I wish I could save specific and custom colors and apply them with single clicks or hotkeys.


Agreed with the KR. Saved colors would be very helpful.