Overwhelmed by all of the categoeries

Hey everybody, just wanted to say i think this is great as i refuse to use facebook, but on first exploration of this forum both on desktop and mobile i find it overwhelming to navigate, like too many options, very confusing on mobile too, can it not be condensed into less categories?

not a complaint just my 2cents


It is a lot, isn’t it. I have a few options. Go ahead and refresh. First, I hid the categories as the default place that you land, but its still available if that’s your thing. Second, under the Hamburger Menu next to your Profile Avatar, look for the Dark Mode / Light / Minima / Fakebook themes. Fakebook is a theme that presents the site in the style of Facebook, which, may not be what you are looking for, but, it is visually different and less of a wall of words.

Do either of these present an improvement for you?

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Maybe the logik live and podcast live in the links section, if I’m on here I don’t need to know who is hosting, I already have that bookmarked, where I’m on here for forums and such.
It’s more the enslaught of categories if that makes sense. If we can just search tags then why so many, know what I mean?


Understood. Is it better how it is now, on the main page, with the categories only in the drop down menu, not taking up half the page?

Yeah I think so

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Okay cool. I’ll continue to find ways to simplify. I’m seeking a balance between serving users that are historically connected, know the existing Logik, and are here just for the forum-ness of it, as well as those that have yet to connect with Logik and have yet to discover Logik Live. The challenge seems to be offering and consolidating all the community has to offer, but continue to find ways for individuals to filter and find what’s important to them.

I feel the categories are important as they will play a much bigger role in the future development of the community For example, there are additional Categories offered for members with Trust Level 2, 3, and 4. We need artists to participate, and this community will reward those who do.

As always, thank you so much for your feedback and I’ll continue to grind away at refining the look and feel and functionality.

sweet man, its looking great, i’m super excited to be using it


I’m gonna assume that was you as a kid Randy. Viral videos run in your blood.

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Same as my hairline. It skips a generation.

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Also, good to see you here Joel.

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Happy to be here