Logik Spam Today?

Is anyone else getting a steady stream of old logik post emails today or is it just me?

53 emails so far today, all old posts that have for some reason decided I needed to know about them. Going back as far as mid last year.

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@randy Is it because you closed/archived some of them today? And maybe there settings have them email them every time this happens?

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Ah. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I’m re-tagging a few thousand old messages today by adding categories to every single old message so that I can force categories to be entered upon a new post.

Please bear with me today about this. This won’t be an issue moving forward after the great recategorization is complete.

Thanks for letting me know!


Yeah a little crazy this morning. Glad it isn’t just me.


Sorry about that lasses and lads. Apologies for the noise.

Having a spring clean?

All good @randy :+1:

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EXACTLY. Just tryin to chip away at some old organizational thingies.

I have completed all the manual reorganization and tagging so hopefully in the next few minutes your mailboxes calm down.

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