OWC Accelsior 8M2 on wrx80 motherboard

Hi there,

Does anyone have experience using an OWC Accelsior 8M2 on wrx80 Threadripper motherboard?
I’m planning on using the OWC 16TB card with an ASRock WRX80 Creator R2.0 motherboard and I can’t find any info about compatability with Threadripper CPUs.
I don’t think there should be any problems but wanted to be sure before buying an expensive component.

I deleted this earlier by mistake… All thumbs today

No experience with the OWC Accelsior, but my Highpoints love the Threadrippers.

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the good thing with the highpoints are that they just appear in rocky/centos as a single storage device once configured, as the “raid” is on the card.

Usually the nvme host cards just act like a JBOD

my 8x highpoint runs fine in linux no complaints