Particle Setup not working on changed AR shot

Having a weird problem with Paerticles that i cannot figure out.

Project created on 2024.0 in 1920x1080. Bfx has 4 particle systems. created using the preset Bouncing Sparkles.

Update software to 2024.2. Get asked to create 9x16 version of the BFX, so copy and convert project to new version. 16x9 Bfx works fine. Create new 9x16 Timeline , copy/paste Bfx into this and re-arrange the layout to fit. Everything works, except for the Particles - no matter what i try I cannot get them to be visible.
Keyframes are in the right places, have checked the Priority settings, even tried to import a new copy of the preset - nothing seems to work.

Any ideas what might be happening? or ideas how to resolve this?


Hey @Lightningad. Do you want to jump on Discord and have a video chat? I might suggest something if I can see the setup, of course if it’s non-NDA.

Hi sinan,

not possible but thank you - the flame mac is not connected to anything like Discord…however, i have a feeling it might be connected to the bell curve expressions - i noticed the curve is not visible in my animation channels but is visible in the working version.

Just about to try changing some values see if that fixes it.


Interesting… Good luck and let us know…


that was it!

seems the new bfx has different start times and that was throwing out the bell expressions start point (which was being retained from the previous timeline)

thanks for the offer of help