Hi all
Quick one. I’m using the particle preset ‘cloud’ and I have shaped a nice looking cloud but I want to use it as a single frame so I can do a camera move thro it. But at each frame it generates more moving cloud.
Anyone know how to freeze the generator. I’ve tried putting the pre to -ve , no luck and scaling speed to zero but no luck

Any thoughts.


I usually just throw a mux on it or if it’s being super funky export and bring it into photoshop and create a still from the cloud render.

I did do it on a test. It was a combination of speed at 0 and some others. It felt more hacks though. I think the animator has to be tickled though. Sorry I didn’t get enough time to play today.

thanks john, yeah i tried all sorts, even speed 1 for frame one then speed 0 thereafter …

Shameless plug… I think I had a sample of a volumetric application either on Episode 2 or on one of my particle tutorials on youtube.
If you have anything you want specific hit me up. @AndyG

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