Particle tutorials


I haven’t used particles in a very long time and need to figure out a couple of things for an upcoming job. I looked through the Flame Learning Channel videos and in one of them it is mentioned that there are some tutorials in FXPHD. Does anyone know which course they are in. I did brows through but could see anything relating to particles.


This one has some cool Particle classes from Scott Balkcom.

@SamE has some great tips in this course too:


And of course this awesome Logik Live might be a good start too:


I have abused that cold breath setup! It’s a beautiful thing.

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I used it on an HP spot a few years ago. It was gold!


Balkcom‘s blood is amazing.
The essential thing with particles is that they don’t work under a 2D track. You have to move the camera, and let them flow in space.

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Thank you all.
So good to be part of this community!

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Also check these out.

Aaand stay tuned :wink:


Upvote for Scott Balkcom’s FXPHD. I was fortunate to learn from this master.

@Sinan Thank you for sharing. The leaves effect is very cool.

I’m looking into manipulating letters in supers. Do you think particles can help with that? eg I have a 2 line bold graphic and want to blow away all the letters as if the letters were made of paper.

Hi @johnag
Unfortunately you can’t designate individual letters as particles. You can however, use Explode a surface into square polygons and make them fly away as I show in the leaves example.

I am moving house and unfortunately don’t have time to try it but will do as soon as I have the time.

You probably thought about this but you could try creating a cascading text animation with 3D text in action.

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I wish I still had my setup from this - I made it in 2004 after designing a bunch of stuff like it working with @gpm at Fox Sports. He’s the king of this kind of thing! This is a very old show reel… but I did the titles like leaves blowing away… Digital Banshee 2007 Show Reel I seem to recall my process was to paint bits away from my font in the matte channel, attaching an axis to each painted layer I wanted to blow away, then using particle animator to have them blow away from their starting position. @Sinan that tutorial is fantastic! I’m sure John will get that with that :slight_smile:


Cool stuff!