PCIe-3 - Expansion Chassis for Mac

Has anyone come across a PCIe-3 expansion chassis that is x16 running at x16? Sonnet makes the Echo III with is x16 (mechanical) but only runs at x8 (electrical)

I have an OWC 8M2 which is PCIe-4 x16. It’s in an Echo III running off my intel MacMini. I’m using this as a server and cannot place it into my MacPro.

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This is the only other know I know of, but have never used.

Also, dumb question, but I’m not under the impression that x8 lanes to x16 lanes would be able to make any difference over Thunderbolt. Right?

Thanks Randy. In theory, the x16 is nearly twice the throughput of the x8. But I don’t know about the real-world results. I’ve read articles that PCIe3 and 4 are the same difference, and then there are articles that say they’re vastly different.

The Helios 3S is limited to 75watts. It will take cards up to x16 mechanical, but will not operate them if they’re not greater than x4. Maybe Apple will support PCIe4 in their new tower… and maybe adsk will update the text tool :smile:

The 8M2, fully populated in a PCIe3 x16 will deliver 12,000mbs. 26,000mbs in a PCIe4 x16.