Mac Pro nvme raid0 performance

So whats your setup with nvmes? I have 8x 1TB samsung 980Pro in a highpoint card and bm diskspeedtest is “only” showing around 8GB/s read and writes - I was kinda expecting a bit more like 10+ GB/s .

I went with apfs anyone knows more how to get most out of those raids on a mac (not like 8GB/s is a slouch…)?

Is that ram in an external box or inside the mac. I’m looking at adding some fast storage to my iMacpro

I’m running 4x2TBs in a Highpoint and getting similar ish speeds. I stopped caring about Blackmagic Speedtest when it played back anything and everything even when running encryption. So, I’m a bad influence. I’m using Apfs as well. Might try softraid to see if that’s any quicker. But, splitting hairs. Ooh, I have 2 high points. Maybe I’ll raid 0 each one then raid 0 those 2. Sounds like something @SamE would do.

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Not at my Mac Pro at the moment, so this is off the top of my head. I only care about what ‘test disks’ under Storage Preferences says. I’m up to 4x2TB drives as well. Over 13GB/s. I striped them in the Apple Disk Utility. 256kb sector size seemed to hit the top performance. I considered getting a second Highpoint card, but with this performance, why bother? I’ll wait til I need more space. Would love to hear experience @Randy.


wow thats more like it . hmm ! Ill do some tests while its still empty hehe

no this is just a pciE card with 8 nvme slots.

The MacPro is PCIe 3.0 so the Samsung 980 Pro won’t run at PCI 4.0 speed, only 3.0. Since these are PCIe x4 devices, that means the maximum performance of each drive is limited to 4GB/sec.

Any chance the Highpoint card is in one of the x8 slots on the MacPro (slots 2, 6, 7) instead of a x16 slot (slots 1, 3, 4, 5)? Having the card in a x8 slot would definitely throttle to 8GB/sec.

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I have put it in the second GPU slot ( I have the duo gpu) so the one with the extra mpx slot and the lcie advisor claims its x16 .

Ok Cool so I checked it again using aja systemtest (reporting 10GB/s read and write) and now also anamorphous DiskMark (crystaldiskmark) and I am getting 14GB/s read and 10.5 GB/s write.

I would say thats along what I expected given pcie 3.0 16x so I think its just too badass for bm speedtest to handle :nerd_face:

Purely anecdotal, but for me Blackmagic Disk Speed Test Checker thing has always been pessimistic compared to everything else.

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Softraid is the only way to get 10Gb+ performance on these types of PCIe x16 nvme cards. Highpoint specs say 8Gb per lane, so if you don’t soft raid then 8Gb is the max throughput for any given drive.

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I’m not using Softraid with the Sonnet card and I’m getting 13GBps in Flare. I had to change the default sector size of the raid in Apple Disk Utility. 256 seemed to be the magic number.

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Careful, Highpoint has 16Gb per lane cards

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