Physical Glare crashing Flame

Hi. I like a lot the Physical glare node. It’s really great to make lights pop up etc.
Problem for me, almost every time, when I drag it off the bin and try to display the result, it crashes badly and I have to kill flame and re launch it. Then I can use it normally.

It gives me the same feeling as Motion vector in the first releases… Very heavy for my GPU.

Is it only me? Do I do not know something about it?

Physical glare and the convolve matchbox have been reportedly crashing machines for us also.

I’ve not had a play with these myself but I have had people mention this.

They appear to steal all of your memory and then you crash.

Looks exactly like that yes. Thx for the feedback.

I forgot to mention that I am running flame 2020.3
Hopefully, It might have been fixed in later versions.

I had forgotten that I had written this :arrow_double_up:

Just been getting a series of hard freezes and error message saying OUT OF MEMORY

[error] 3173825408 PPLogger.C:183 11/04/22:09:07:32.297 action1704 : OUT_OF_MEMORY

Then it dawned on me. The only thing different is that I have got Physical Glare (matchbox) in my setup.

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