Motion vectors crashing flame

Hi all,

Does anyone else have an issue with motion vectors (either standalone or via camera tracking) locking flame up with really annoying regularity? Console isn’t massively helpful:

dlCheckGLError: EnteringDlPushAttribGuardImp’s destructor

Flame2022.3 on a linux box with 128GB of RAM with the app only taking approx half that RAM at time of crash. This isn’t a recent thing or limited to this specific flame, I’ve had the same issue at other facilities too. MoVec’s have always been flakey on flame in my experience but given they now underpin something as critical as camera tracking I’d have hoped they were less volatile. Anyone have any ideas? I’m super frustrated with it all. Apologies if this has been covered already, I did do a search.

Hey @Ally_Burnett

We have not been having any problem but we are not on that version of Flame yet. Sorry

What GFX card do you have in your Linux box?


Hi Richard,

A Quadro M6000 with 12GB. That’s not loads. Wonder if that’s the issue.

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Likely you are filling up your VRAM. System RAM has nothing to do with this. I’d start with a GPU upgrade because that’s a seven year old graphics card that won’t get you very far.

Is this an old Z840?


48gig GPU is the only reliable hardware for MoVectors in Flame

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As a test, can you try running the MVs on a lower resolution image? Either resize your whole plate down or crop in to do a ROI on the area you need to work on. That should give you some insight as to whether or not it’s a VRAM issue.


Thanks all. Yeah, I hadn’t realised what GPU I was running - 12GB not going to cut it sadly.

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