Poll: asking questions anonymously - Ask a Flame Artist Podcast?

Hiya everyone,

In an effort to support a wider range of Logik members, who’s questions and comments and concerns may perhaps be too public or tender to share publicly, is there any interest in a creating something where anyone can ask a question anonymously, and we pair those questions with either written responses or a podcast?

We have many artists that have come forward and are wishing to help mentor, but, the current Logik offering makes it difficult to step forward as one that could benefit from such guidance.

Please chose any that apply, multiple answers is are encouraged.

  • I would consider asking questions anonymously.
  • I would not ask questions anonymously.
  • The community would benefit from something like this.
  • The community doesn’t need something like this.

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Well, that’s good enough for me.

Let’s give it a go. I have an amazing co-presenter lined up, the distinguished @Mbemigh. She’s an industry veteran, parent and certified life coach. Once there are a few questions, we’ll fire up the microphones and record a podcast answering them. And if your answer requires a particular expertise from someone, heck, we’ll find them and bring them on board as needed.

The questions are completely anonymous, you can ask as many as you’d like. Let’s see what happens.


I’m very interested to see what kinds of questions get asked.

I know back in the day I used to get serious stagefright about posting on Flame-News. Eventually I decided to accept that it’s okay to be publicly dumb, but I’m glad there will be a venue for the people who don’t want to risk that.

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Inspired by this quote:

Embarrassment is the cost of entry.

If you aren’t willing to look like a foolish beginner, you’ll never become a graceful master.


can “Graceful Master” be one of the alt-titles one can earn on this board?


If it does become magically available it’d be a shame to let it go to waste.

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Show of hands: who else here accidentally called @Slabrie Stephanie on flame-news back in the day. I know I’m not the only one who looked like an idiot there!


You are the only one,


Pretty sure Björn might have done it on purpose once or twice out of frustration.

Thanks to those that submitted questions. We’ve got some great questions and will be recording our first podcast soon.

If you have a question and would like to sneak it into our first podcast then be sure to ask in the next couple of days. Thank you!


As someone who started their flame career as an editor and then moving to VFX. I still have a hard time whiching over to just using the desktop batch reels or reels in general since. Most of the feature work I do I’m using desktop batch reels and for my Episodic work I enjoy working in the timeline directly with BFX.
So my question would be what do you feel are the benefits of just working in the desktop batch reels as too the timeline using BFX?

Thanks so much

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BFX used to be much buggier in my opinion, but it’s gotten a lot more reliable. As Flame develops I find the lines between things becoming more blurry and it becomes a matter of preference. I still don’t trust BFX out of simpler VFX fixes, and I feel like it can slow down my render times. If I work out of a traditional batch and render it I know that work is rendered and won’t need to be rerendered accidentally from changing something else in the timelines and it overall just feels more secure to me. I find it’s also easier to duplicate BFX setups and not properly rename them later even when they become different and that can also muddy things up. Just my opinion.

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This is great! as someone just starting out with Flame, I will totally be willing to be a foolish beginner and ask away questions for the podcast!
Looking forward to the first one.

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There is no foolish questions only foolish people who don’t ask questions.


If you are working on a full edit yourself, then BFX makes it quicker to set up and have all FX laid out along the timeline, no worrying about naming everything necessarily (saving the batches out manually could save your ass in the event of BFX corruption).
If someone else is conforming, then it makes more sense to work on shots separately, each in their own batch with properly named setups and outputs. This is very important if the batch then gets handed off to other artists.
At least that’s my own experience with it.

How I felt on flame news


:tada: :tada: