Poll: Remote vs. on-site work

Hi everyone. Now that some are starting to return to on-site work a bit, I’m curious to get a read on people’s comfort level working at the office or client’s shop.

  • I’m freelance and I feel comfortable working on-site at a client’s facility.
  • I’m freelance and I don’t feel comfortable working on-site at a client’s facility. Remote only.
  • I’m staff and I feel comfortable working on-site at the office.
  • I’m staff and I don’t feel comfortable working on-site at the office. Remote only.

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I’ll caveat by saying I have been working at the office through the entire pandemic.

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Hybrid is nice. Staff currently, happy at home happy to go into the office. My preference is home when not attended, but go in when needed.



It’s the best. I love it.

Sure I don’t see as many of my work colleagues, and I do genuinely like them, but the tradeoffs are well worth it.


I’ve been in the office since June of 2020. I was remote for 2.5 months and didn’t particularly care for it.

Staff as well, and we’re heading to a hybrid model. Probably go in 1-2 days a week at minimum and project dependent. It will be interesting to see how our clients react in the long run. We handle editorial, color and vfx/finish and the vfx/finish side of things was already seeing a reduced client presence before the pandemic, I imagine it will be even lower for the forseable future.

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On-site for client attends, as needed, sure. Taking 2.5 hours of commuting out of every day has been game-changing. Makes a 10 hour day feel like 8. I get to see my kids, take them to school, see my wife when she’s home… I miss seeing my colleagues too, but a monthly/quarterly party can do wonders… Also, doing a quick screenshare to show your colleague something used to be a walk over to someone’s suite thing when you had a moment…

Finding some kind of semblance of work-life balance is priceless.


I sort of miss my commute on the subway, I got through a lot of reading and audiobooks. I’ve commuted by car before, and that is just exhausting. But the subway, as long as it’s not jam packed and nuts, I enjoy in terms of limiting my options of how I can waste my time, which lead me to becoming an avid book fan again after years of not regularly reading.

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I feel comfortable going into the shop but I don’t want to unless my clients demand it.


i’m fine working in the office, although i much prefer working from home, but the company I work for doesn’t want any staff doing that.

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As staff for me working in office is great to focus on one heavy project. But as soon as it gets stressfull, jumping between projects, machines and software is way faster from home.

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I’m finding clients love the option to work remote, but recently — also want to be able to come in and watch everything on the big screen. Remote would be my preference, but ultimately it’s about what the clients want to do.

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I’ve been working remotely since a year before the pandemic thanks to our planned move out of the city. I’m busier than I’ve ever been & love the work/life balance so I’m with @andy_dill Remote 4 Lyfe! I do look forward to resuming user group meetings & other events where I can hang out in person with my colleagues (big HUGS!!). But I’m happily getting my tips & tricks needs met & even surpassed through the Logik Academy, Discord, and Hive Mind meetings!


Thanks very much for the votes and comments, and please keep them coming.

It’s a small sample size, but I do note that in these numbers so far, freelancers seem to be less comfortable on-site than staffers. But it could be statistical noise without a larger number of votes.


I think the industry has proved over the past two years that going into an office is not necessary.


I’m interested to know how people are working remotely full time on a machine in the office. How do you confidently sign work off? The streaming isn’t good enough for me personally.

If I work remotely I need to then go into the office to check the work back, especially HDR. But I would love to WFH more.

I have been very impressed using Teradici.

I had one full CG job where the soft blue gradient background was banding and I had to send myself a 4444 ProRes just for a sanity check but apart from that one time I have confidence with what I am seeing.

I was honesty expecting that I would need to send clips back for review more often but so far so good.

I think that home bandwidth has a huge impact even though there are some quality vs speed settings that can be tweaked.

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I don’t sweat it too much, to be honest. I do the same thing Rich does and send myself a prores if I need piece of mind.

For what it’s worth—at least in advertising—the videos get so compressed on delivery/playback that any small issues are gonna be eaten by compression anyway.

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Yeah the streams arnt great for checking work back or even getting true playback. We use clearview which sends the flames output and its amazing! They even support HDR content, which im yet to test.

You don’t find it a little frustrating and a little unnerving though to feel like you’re just kind of stabbing at whatever you’re getting remotely? I guess, for me, a lot of the times I’ve been remoting in for emergency reasons , it feels like ok, right, this is a gin and tonic just like my other gin and tonic and I can drink it and it’s the same amount of gin and tonic in there, just feels like the ice cubes have all melted before I even took a sip- I assume it’s a well made cocktail, but I’m having to take into account that all this melted Ice I’m tasting isn’t supposed to be melted.