Premiere sizing (again)

as we all know dark magic is used when creating xmls in premiere.

scales come in as action nodes but there are 2 blockers here

  1. if they did not edit with source res media but smaller proxies these scale values might not be relative to the source media size,
    ( see this ClickUp)

  2. tlactions are corrupt if the source media has a different aspect ratio than the timeline

we can fix 1) by either using proper workflows in premiere or by using a resize node that matches the initial resize by premiere or use the xml fixer python script to scale the values if halfres proxies where used .

If we use a resize and then a tlaction however we double filter the image! which is bad

we cant fix 2) thats on autodesk.

So what we really want would be to somehow translate the xml so that the whole repo gets put into a resize node and not a action. there we could match any scale mode used in premiere and we dont have to deal with corrupt tlactions!

I wonder if thats possible, and we might have to go xml-> aaf or something - not sure how.

Anyone has a idea? doesnt look like adsk will fix the tlaction bug anytime soon…

here are some test-files for anyone that wants to follow along.
Graded files and premiere XML exports and converted XMLs from resolve, FCPX-XMLS and all that jazz

I have an action that interprets the lens info (which is actually the resolution of the source) then fit’s it to the timeline rez with an expression. I can then eyeball in the repo, or copy the Premier transforms and parent my auto-repo to that. One action, one filter. Note, it doesn’t always work as expected. I blame Premier. There is also a python script that does somewhat what you ask. I would love a better, more automated workflow, but in the meantime I’ll play the hand I’m dealt.
I’ve also been told by AD people that Adobe doesn’t play nice.

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Have you given @john-geehreng ’s tool a whirl, I think you’ll need to know the offline res as well though?

I’m with Tim on this and just using one action when conforming.

yes but the tool doesnt fix the broken action nodes it comes in as…

I just want a one click conform like resolve, the data is there but idk why it uses a axis node vs a resize , i suspect because there is a rotation in the premiere data?

Hmm, yeah corrupt actions is something the devs should look at and fix I feel.

Haven’t conformed in Resolve but if it works there then I believe Flame “must have” parody in this respect.

Could be a rotation or likely just some non-basic transform causing it. Majority of the time I get Actions and not Resize if there is any sort of move that isn’t linear I think. Not sure but generally I see Actions with a repo move.

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whats quiet interesting is that, for fcp xmls the transform effect gets converted to a action node

while for FCPX-XMLS it get translated to a 2D transform instead!

AAFs get converted from 3dwarp to action…

I believe you get an action when there is a transform in the offline. You get resize when premier stays with the default size of the transcode. (Bear in mind, I get most of my stuff from Avid, so I may be confused about which does what.). Since there is no real standard for a timeline, it’s basically anarchy. My first go-to with premier is the aaf, then the xml. Neither is perfect. Thankfully, I’m almost all short form, so sometimes I just eyematch the shit and move on.

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Premiere AAFs dont support timewarps , just static retimes, they do come as resize nodes but none ot my keyframes i set in Premiere translate at all.

FCPX-XML comes in with 2D transforms and a resize before that causing stuff to be cropped , so not very good either.

The only one that gives me a theoretical 1-click conform in resolve and flame with ALL repos and timewarps is the default premiere XML * once i clean it with the xml prep script .

Minus that pesky bug with the corrupt actions… like i am THIS close to getting a one click conform life with all that like it DOES WORK when you do proxys and timeline settings in a certain way so I dont think there is another way than to have autodesk fix it @hildebrandtbernd might remeber the ticket we filled with this a while ago.

*except for anamorphic footage in resolve these are differently treated between resolve and flame… resolve does it worse

added some testfiles in the top most post

and yes you do get an action on every repo - the problem here beign that most clips in premiere nowadays have a scale effect applied because the source and timeline resolutions never match anymore and you can only letterbox stuff without setting a scale effect in premiere.

So if you have opengate (3:2) footage in a 16:9 timeline you have to scale it no matter what, either letterbox then scale up or scale down with default center crop mode.

Only if the proxy res would be the same width as the timeline - then it would set no transform effect and fill the whole frame.

Which is impossible if you have 1080x1920 and 1920x1080 and god knows what else.

so pretty much every shot gets a transform effect by default even if nothing was scaled at all!!

once upon a time there might have been a push to edit in flame as well…

thank you for not smoke*ing

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Why edit in one good piece of software when you can make everyone’s life a misery in four?
Besides, you can burn money faster that way…
I should have taken up hairdressing or telephone sanitization - at least it would have been a free ride off the planet…


Weren’t art directors on the ark too? There was a bit about hundreds of photos of moodily lit toothpaste…

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