Preset Resolutions

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I little thing I keep meaning to figure out / look in to, is the preset sizes for a new sequence. Is there a way to edit this list? For example, let’s say there was a huge group of people who for some reason don’t want to rotate their cell phones 90 degrees and now you need to finish something in 9x16. I know this an entirely hypothetical situation and no sane universe would ever allow that to take place… but let’s say it did. It would be nice (and maybe this is already possible?) to customize the list of default resolutions to include this kind of thing. Maybe this is all in a sexy little XML file somewhere?

Any input/comments (helpful or snarky) are extremely appreciated!

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This is what you are looking for:


I knew this would be somewhere! Thank you so much @fredwarren !!!

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I can also send you my custom resolution xml if you want.
This has 9x16, 4x5, and 1x1.
Let me know.

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I just right now did finish work on a 1080x1920 (vertical) Social Media Sequence. Just make sure the aspect ratio is not 1.77 but 0.5625 if that helps.