Social resizes

Anyone managed to save customised resizes (ie for socials) into the dropdowns? I can save setups to presets which is ok but dammit i want dropdowns. Or should I feature request? Should at least have 1x1, 4x5 and 9x16 in there before the multitude of others that are already there?

You need to modify a .cfg file. In opt/Autodesk/cfg you will find a series of resolution.cfg files. You need to modify resolutions_custom.cfg. There are some sample files for the style.
And for what it’s worth, I stopped using them. I found it was much easier to make the social sizes correct on the timeline so that I didn’t need to switch the resolutions constantly.


Here’s mine. They’re useful but I also find it much easier to make the social sizes correct on the timeline. (1.9 KB)

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Me too but i normally use a resize first to create the sequence then drop on top. Helps check existing actions/timeline resize haven’t gone wonky and keeps sequence name. Cheers John, appreciated!


Cheers Randy! X

Thanks ytf! That’s great!

So do I. It never occurred to me to use the custom resizes for anything other than exports. Now I’ll have to dig up my old custom cfg’s. I hope I still have them somewhere.

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