Procedurally linked TRKs and CAMs in batch

Flame magic trick:


This looks cool but its kinda sorta hard to follow along. Can you describe what’s goin on?


  • Create two tracer nodes: MASTER and slave.
  • Slave contains an axis linked to axis in MASTER.
  • Any animation change to MASTER, linked to all slaves.
  • Once linked, copy/paste slave axis into other nodes in your schematic to create a look template.
  • If you drag the whole template to userBin (NO MASTER_TRK, MASTER_CAM), then when you drag it into another shot that has diff animation but include expressions that reference a node already included that match name (MASTER_TRK, MASTER_CAM),
    then the anim channels procedurally auto link up without editing.

That help?

If you are running flame 2023.1, try the setups on the dropbox link.

accomodating client changes:

A slower walkthru using linked_CAM templates.
Illustrates how to accommodate complex creative changes across a sequence of shots.

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