PSA: Be ware of shady clients

I would not recommend engaging in business with anyone associated with Kill9 or Mas Effects, if you want normal operations and to be paid for your work.

I don’t like explicitly naming bad actors on public forums, but I’m hoping this will spare other people grief.


Thanks for the heads up.

I blame myself as I’ve known this client for well over 20 years and I trusted him. His reputation amongst the industry is bad but he has never done the wrong thing by me in the past. I’ve been given every excuse under the sun even one about climate change. lol. Anyway lesson learned. TRUST NONONE and get a deposit before starting.

I “waited” 9 months to get paid once. It was a job that went great. I started pestering them to the point of constantly emailing everyone in the company who worked in the business end. I finally got the CFO on the phone and she treated me like she was doing me a big favor. Never worked for them again and when they called to book me a year or so later I had 2 words for them and they weren’t Merry Christmas.

On the flip side, I had a payroll person tell me outright, “If I pay you in full I won’t make payroll.” She paid me off in installments over a couple of months and thanked me for my understanding.

Joanne got stiffed by a “friend” for 8 grand.

YIKES. Sorry to hear that, Tim.