Python not printing to the console

Howdy friends,

I’m trying to write a new python script. TBH, I haven’t really done anything new since the switchover to python3. My print calls in the script are not showing up in the console? Just to be clear - I mean the shell that opens up when you launch flame, not the python console from within flame. The print functions work fine in the Python console in flame (running on linux). Any suggestions?

I’m just using print(clip_name), etc, so I can see how my script is working as I’m writing/testing it.

Which version are you using? In Flame 2022.1 Update, we fixed FLME-57455 The output of the print functions executed in the Python Console no longer appears in the Terminal/Konsole right away.
If you are still on 2022, the workaround is to use the flush argument print(clip_name,flush=True)

Thanks Philippe. I’m running 2022.0.1