Random Thought Bubble #27 - Rebirth of discreet*

I wonder if Autodesk would sell off their entire M&E division if someone offered them the right sort of price? The recent article posted about an insiders view of Shotgun was kind of scary and I’d hate for Flame to ever head down that path. Thanks for sharing Alan. So Long, Autodesk Shotgun. Note: I’m writing this as a former… | by Jack James | Medium

The thought bubble would be about how cool it would be to get a whole lot of Flame, Maya & 3DS Max artists to create a holding company then buy the Media & Entertainment division off of Autodesk and rebrand it back to discreet* Then make sure it has longevity and brings in a whole lot of concepts that have been talked about endlessly on both versions of Logik.

Then reality kicks in, getting that off the ground would be a mammoth effort, Autodesk probably wouldn’t sell it off anyway and the return on investment would be terrible.

But how cool would it be to bring discreet* back?!!


What figure would be talking if they did sell it I wonder? A good basic equation for assessing the value of a business is multiplying a year’s worth of profit by 4. Anyone know how much roughly the M&E division makes in a year?

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I’m for it.

What’s the CEO’s email?

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“Umm yeah hi CEO. This is the Renderdome World Champion. We should chat.”


I love this stuff, 100% you wont get 3DS and maya users to agree on terms (no chance) so youll have to buy flame only I am in it please set up a goFundMe.

can we also buy the SGI brand and sell our own workstations?

Discreet* Flame 2025 on the SGI Fire Opal

OpenSource and you only pay for extremely good support. comes bundled with blender.


Before you multiply by 4, in my experience there seem to be a lot of 3D ops more interested houdini than Maya.

Ok, I broke open my piggy bank and I have $17.30 in change.

In all seriousness though… if there were ever murmurs of Autodesk selling off the M&E division then we’re pooling some funding.


Let’s start small. Like figuring out a long term way to support Matchbox and Python Devs. Then maybe in a few hundred years we’d have an inkling on how to do this.


Buy M&E and give it to the blender foundation.


Im in but lets just use Logik Phoenix as the name.

This is a lovely idea but sadly, Autodesk never sells IP, it only acquires it and squirrels it away for ever. I knew of several, well positioned entities, who wanted to buy Edit & Combustion after ADSK shelved them. They weren’t able to get anywhere with their acquisition. I would probably be easier to get Socratto (sp?) from Sony, or Avid Illusion from Avid (remember those)!