Flame Logik is becoming Nuke Logik!

Dearest Flame Friends.

It is with great excitement that @andymilkis and I are officially announcing that today we have entered into a 10 year partnership with Foundry to convert Flame Logik to Nuke Logik. The recent logo and rebranding of Autodesk Flame with its rounded corners and cohesive art direction throughout the Media and Entertainment division makes it apparently clear that Flame is not the cool Uncle of the group anymore and therefore not worth investing moving forward.

We know this at be a great shock to the community but we’d be fools not to take advantage of the sheer number of Nuke users throughout the world as well as their more cohesive and talented community. Their interest in forward thinking tools such as Artificial Intelligence and crypto currencies including NFTs means much more exciting opportunities for monetization of visual effects communities.

Effectively immediately we’ll put the site into a read only mode as the DNS servers get updated and the Nukelogik.tv URL becomes active.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, well, frankly, unless you are a Nuke user, keep ‘em to yourself.

Anyone wishing to keep their Nukelogik.tv membership active, please take a selfie with a properly formatted Nuke script including metadata carrying B streams and a Reformat node before the render. After all, we may now be Nuke users, but we don’t have to comp like the savage Flame ops we once were.

Nuke on!


I guess it’s already 4/1 somewhere. :slight_smile:

But not in Chicago, cheater!


Nah. Would have been too late for me otherwise :wink:

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That means we can copy metadata to our renders and comp in 32 bits now?

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Nuke? I thought Apple Motion was where it’s at.


Cineon forever.


Remember when someone would announce flame on mac and everyone would go ape-shit? The world is a different place . . . . .


Marketing, presence and outreach. You act like a ghost, and you become one? Autodesk need to get behind themselves…


Was gonna joke that we are headed back to Facebook but I didn’t want to start another war. :slight_smile:


Logik is finally migrating to MySpace. Big day, folks.

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Finally. A home you’ll feel comfy in.