30 years of Flame = 30 Autodesk swag bundles to give away! 🎂🎁

Hey Logik!

Autodesk is giving away 30 bundles of Autodesk swag to celebrate 30 years of Flame. :birthday::balloon: The bundle includes an Autodesk t-shirt, tumbler/bottle, stickers, and some other goodies.

To be entered in the give away - one step:

Drop your best Flame-related memory from the past 30 years in the comments below.

We will randomly select 30 winners from the comments on Friday, May 6th, 2022 so comment before 11:59PM PT on May 6th. Winners will be contacted via your LOGIK account.

Thanks for bringing more beauty and excitement to our screens!!

If you haven’t checked out the Hall of Flame page, a collection of memorabilia that celebrates the past 30 years, check it out here: Autodesk | Hall of Flame


First emergency remote setup before homeoffice and big phones were a thing.


gotta say best memory for me was my first Logik Meetup, @ChrZap took me to berlin to meet some great people, ended up sitting in a bar afterwards nerding out with @ivar and @jamesjohnston.

This not only sparked my interest into learning flame but it also was the start of beign part of the best community on this planet, Logik.


@robert.doche this is amazing. Big thanks to all who were involved in pulling this together. What a beautiful crazy journey.


Chasing midnight around the globe to patch the end-of-times gremlin.


Such a beautiful community and amazing software… Naaaaah kidding, I am just commenting to get my way to win the legendary Flame goodies :smiling_imp:
:smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

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Seriously that is just amazing, many thanks for sharing.

And congrats to all Flame Artists

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Doing head replacement for corporate honchos New Years Eve celebration. Money is no object.


'Nuff said.


Can I say that Flame has shaped my life like no other software? Starting all the way back with Eddie, doing mesh morphs, then Flint, Fire, Smoke and Flame. Almost 30 years of experiments and adventures from Buenos Aires to Houston to Miami and New York. Quite a trip!


I can’t believe I’ve been on this box since 1999. What a ride. Thanks so much for putting this together. I got choked up seeing Jeff and Ivar.


@robert.doche this is absolutely BREATHTAKING! Thank you for putting this together :heart: :fire:


2:00 in the morning, scouring the 35 page Flame manual, desperately trying to learn the definition of what a “matte” is.


How can you pick just one memory?! My life is littered with ashes of experience in flame sessions:

• Start out serving coffees on the night shift at a big post-house and walking into Flame suites at 3am to the artist and client going at it over the enormous Wacom. Pun intended. Names shall remain nameless. And yes this happened more than once.

• Spending a year teaching myself Flame on the nights shifts at MPC by reading those 3 massive manuals (remember those) and realizing it would be years before I would get a job in suite I may have lied just a little bit to get my first position as a Sr. flame artist on one of the Harry Potter movies. Talk about sink your swim. Probably my favourite year ever.

• Arrive in NYC. Sit in a room for a day working on a music video with a cool young kid whose name I couldn’t pronounce so we both decided it was just easier if I called him Mr West.

• Filling entire fridges full of coke and then watching them being empties and filled with Pepsi for tomorrow’s client.

• Spend years working on spots and watching credits being given to other people.

• Learning not to ever care about credits.

• Being let go in the middle of the 2008 recession and therefore having to leave NYC for Montreal and turning tragedy into opportunity and opening my own studio. Biggest and most humbling learning curve ever.

• Investing in my 5th Flame system back when they were truly expensive one month before Autodesk announced Flame-On-Mac and subscription based licensing and realizing that Autodesk had changed our wonderful community forever.

• Building and using what I believe was the first Flame-On-Linux laptop on set for a fun commercial that involved deflating actors using nothing but a sex doll, a car pump and a green cloth held up by a teenage PA.

• Being asked by Autodesk to present our use of Flame on set with a sex doll at NAB but not being told that we, me and my sex doll, would be going on immediately after the absolutely incredible presentation by the Avatar team. Thanks Autodesk! Lol

• Months of learning other software only to become more frustrated and always returning to Flame.

• Various incredible, wonderful and equally obnoxious clients.

• Opened doors to untold incredible opportunity.

• Lifelong inspiring friends, infinitely more talented and successful than I could dream of being, who fill me with pride and awe every single day. Most of you are here.

• Marta, an angel of a human being at Autodesk support who has saved my skin more times than I could possibly remember.

The memories I have had to leave out for fear of being sued, again, bring me to tears. There is a book in all of us I am sure!!


Memories forever

Finished my Vfx Compositing course back in 2014 in Nuke followed by few other software like Photoshop, AfterEffects, Mocha, boujou, syntheyes (Max for 3d intro) and joined a Studio in Mumbai as intern Nuke Artist.

After about 6 month there, my boss came and asked to me- Deepak, would you do Flame(Deepak Flame Karega). I had no idea that time what Flame is except one which is- they match grain on the Flame😝 and same i told my boss politely. Then he asked me to come Flame suite next day and sit next to the Flame Artist just to see what happens there. I was about to finish my Nuke shift all day and join Flame in the evening till midnight or next day morning.

  • Started gathering Rushes hard drive from Clients
  • Converting the rushes to appropriate format from Resolve for Flame
  • Getting data transfer done from hard drives to Flame storage for next day or projects
  • Archiving the projects
  • Converting mov’s and sending those to the clients for review
  • Started helping to do the simple Conform
  • Got introduction of Action for a beauty shot(mostly source front​:relieved:), and it became my routine for most of the shot: create bfx on timeline>take action>new media input>gmask in MK>source front>new media input>gmask in MK>source front>new media input>gmask in MK>source front>new media input>gmask in MK>source front> and so on……(even sometime i do same on Flame to remember my early days….:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

These all were new to me which I didn’t learn during my course period and taking decision from Nuke to Flame transition was tough for me. I asked my boss that time that please give me Nuke system also so whenever i want to work on Nuke, i can do for core comp or cleanup. He said sure.

& This is how I get into Flame world and the sweet memories, came a long way.

And today I am full time on Flame🔥

Also, Yeah getting 6th prize in OFoW 2018 is something I didn’t expect. :star_struck:

Thanks to the Logik community and Flame software developers for making Flame stronger every time.

Lot’s of Love :heart:


Oh man. This, but with macro beer back when beer spots were fun.


I would say it would have to be my first job, back in 1997. A commercial that combined 2d and 3d animation. I had a weekend of training on the box and hit the ground running. It was the most stressful and fun job I think I’ve ever been on. I was working on a Flint at the time and laying off to tape was a process!

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Nothing beats the old support calls in the middle of the night (ie 4am) and have an Engineer save your life and bring your system back up, with all the stuff you thought you lost.
Newbies just wouldn’t understand.


One of the best memories would probably be me setting up our first Flame System in 2016 and finally getting the flex license Manager up and running and seeing flame boot up for the first time
Im Out Amy Poehler GIF by FOX TV


Did you ever figure it out?