Remote Flame Artist and VFX Supervisor Available

After 6 years in LA as Creative Director at Jogger (following on from 7 years as Creative Director for Jogger London) I’ve moved back to the UK and started up on my own.
This period in the US and UK has seen me leading finishing for Cut + Run Editorial covering a wide range of commercial projects, always with lots on the go at the same time, whilst also handling all the creative client calls and a decent amount of on-set VFX Supervision.

My skillset is leading jobs from start to finish, conforming, cleanup, screencomps, greenscreens, split screens (editors love a bit of Frankensteining!), versioning and delivery. We were always a very supportive group, so I also have a lot of experience in straight shot work, where another artist would be leading the job, too.

Happy to work for anyone, anywhere. I’d prefer UK hours, but not the end of the world if it needs to be on your timezone, wherever you are.

So if anyone is looking for someone like me (with their own Flame if needed), I’m available!

Flame On


Always good to see you in Austin every once in a while. Congrats on your next adventure!

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Nice one Andy.
As you’re back in the UK, we must meet up for a beer soon.

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