Rocky Linux NTFS volumes or not

Hello Logik minds,

I am totally new to Flame and as I am getting my system ready to try Flame on my box I have few questions.

As my drives are NTFS is the support in Linux and kernel version used in Rocky 8.5 taking full advantage of speed from those NTFS raids? Or should I use native linux format for Flame stones?

I have 3 raids all raid 0 :slight_smile: Most are custom built by me LSI cards and spinning enterprise drives around 1000MB/sec on those and then I have few 6000-7000 MB/sec drives pcie4.

I have read that write speed on NTFS volumes in Linux ntfs-g fuse is slow on kernels past some number I cant recall. Read is fast but write suffers. Will have to test this under Rocky Linux to find out.

Also I have a question about updates for OS. Do you ever update anything or just ignore OS updates? What about installing different desktop env. other than gnome?

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