Dual Boot Systems

I know a few people here are running dual boot Linux/Windows systems. I’m thinking of setting up one myself.

For the Raid controllers, do you have two? One would be for your Linux Flame framestore and the other would be for Windows running Nuke, Resolve, and whatever else?

Or are you able to format one Raid controller that both Linux and Windows can use?

I have done this before… triple boot in fact… with an extra hackintosh partition.
I have had bad experiences sharing internal drives between the systems in this kind of configuration. I would rather have a NAS and access it via SMB/NFS instead.

One thing that works better albeit a bit more involved it to setup pa PROXMOX server with PCI pass-through for GPU and USB. Then setup a file server container besides your VMs. However I am not sure how this will impact R/W speeds from the shared folder vs native file system acces.

Nuke and Resolve do run really well in Linux tho.


Ah the triple boot. That’s bold! Thank you for the information. Yeah maybe I just run everything in Linux. That way I wouldn’t have to worry about formatting.

I’ll have to do some more research on best practices of installing Nuke and Resolve on Linux.

Unless I can install all three in Rocky?

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You can!
For Resolve, you may need to go with NVIDIA drivers different from the DKU. Just be aware of that.
Also Resolve in Linux may have some slight differences from the OSX/WIN versions.

+1 for proxmox. It’s not for everyone, but its how I set up all my boxes now.

I ran a dual boot for a short while. The RAID was shared, as both builds were CentOS Linux. I had a ton of issues running Flame and Resolve on the same drive. Most of these issues were permissions-related in Resolve and I could never figure them out. I setup a second boot for Resolve under its recommended CentOS Linux 7 guidelines.

It ran fine for a month, then the issues began – crashes, offline media, generally janky behavior. I decided to re-install Resolve on the updated Rocky Linux Flame boot drive. It has worked perfectly since then. Also, the headache of booting up just to run other software can be really annoying, especially if you need to grab one thing, then jump back quickly. I can’t speak to Nuke and Flame on the same drive, but Resolve has been pretty solid on Rocky Linux.

Oh great news. Thank you all for the insights. Looking forward to setting this up.