Rsync / rsnapshot your opt/Autodesk

How do you guys prefer to backup your opt/Autodesk folders? Im exploring some snapshot solutions and I think Im running into permissions issues from my local opt/Autodesk to shared storage.

And, which long arguments for rsync do you use?

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I use Syncthing for projects. I think it may be based on rsync… not sure. I has per file versioning and somehow complex files include/exclude options.

I have a script I run manually (but could be cron’d) that throws everything in a rolling day-of-week folder on my local media storage drive:

bkday=`date +%u-%a`

rsync --archive --verbose --numeric-ids --delete --human-readable --exclude-from=/root/scripts/flame_exclude /opt/Autodesk/ /mnt/StorageMedia/backups/flame/$bkday/

and my /root/scripts/flame_exclude contains:


Remote destinations work too (I have a similar script I sometimes use that doesn’t do the day-of-week clones but keeps a single backup on a separate rsync server.)

And I run it as root (or sudo) because I’m lazy.

I’m on a mac and use Carbon Copy Cloner to clone all my drives to various destinations. It’s very easy to use and is very cheap.