Runway ML best practice

Hi All,
Is there a prefered go to that you all use to get the best out Runway ML. At present im using Neat vid 1st then a Rec709 plate. Should i grade or sharpen the plate 1st. The footage is human beings maybe 3 at a time moving not too much but enough.

Can anyone advise if there is a prefered method in Runway? Thank you.

Preferred method for what? Matte generation?

Apologies yes exactly that.

I have used Runway previously for AI roto but switched to Magic Mask in Fusion Studio (or Resolve) as it has given much better results and without the pain of upload/download.

To be honest, I found that it has more to do with the shot composition then any noise or sharpening issues. Some shots just work better than others. The only thing I noticed is you want to slowly add parts you want to keep. If you start subtracting areas too often then it is better to start again as the AI seems to get confused.


Thanks Adam, yes i often wipe the slate clean and have to start again. I have fusion studio but didnt even know about magic mask. Ill defo give that ago when i hwt to the office thanks for the steer.

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Blimey magic mask is impressive. Thanks Adam. :blush:

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Agreed. Runway seems to have dropped the ball on developing their Green Screen tool. Magic Mask does a much better job. It’s also nice that you don’t have to send the footage out of house for processing.