Runway ML clip naming crashing flame, corrupting project

Hi, just a heads up for those that use Runway. If you use runway GEN1 Video to Video, it produces incredibly long clip names. For example:





If you import these in to Flame they seem to cause a crash, and the project is then unopenable. Not always it seems, because I was using them for a while before it happened, but it’s happened twice now. I guess some combination of dodgy characters. Anyway rename them before importing. Annoying cos there’s some v useful info in that long name.

Ater crash, maybe corrupted clip is still in opened desktop and it blocks the starting process of flame. But can you open flame from other project? You can delete corrupted clips via mediahub/Projects from other project.

If not, if I remember, there is a command option to start flame with a new and blank desktop. But I can’t find the link. Here is the link for startup options but it’s for 2016. The only thing I could find. There is an option to start flame creating a new desktop. Maybe it coud be usefull.

Another more drastic option y recover a previous version of the workspace backup files and trust in to recover one prior to importing that clip. As usual, be carefull because it is a critical procedure,

About names, I would replace %20 and so characters by underscores “_”


Yeah luckily the dodgy clip was flagged in the shell. The clip was named according to the shot it was being used in “SH15 etc”

So I was able to start a new project, and pull all the batches over apart from SH15. Then for 15 I just loaded the batch setup from the prev days archive. So not a huge amount of time lost. But still a hassle.

Yeah now we’re fully renaming all clips, the running through topaz, to upscale and make ProRes, so hopefully less sketchy.