Sales copy & copyright need to be in title safe?

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I did some copyright & also some sales copy for a client.

It’s playing out in Europe. It’s been flagged as outside title safe. But is this advisory, or mandatory?

I thought it was only legals that needed to be within title safe & that sales copy or copyright would be OK?



@johnt, @richiewhitevfx, @Eldon, @PeteRypstra, what’s your take for Europe?

@ytf has a good States-side perspective.

Thanks Randy. I may have an answer. Apparently, Adstream can apply their guidelines if they deem text to be ‘important’. So its not that clear cut. Oh well…I guess I’ll fix it then!:laughing:

Anything for TV must be title safe in the states. I imagine UK/Europe are the same since they seem to be even stricter than us. I’ve had exceptions made for big-ass graphics, but even those can’t go beyond action safe. The only safety that can be waived is Center Cut Safe. The only exceptions are digital, which no one seems to care about. I’ve actually done digital legals that are mere pixels from the bottom.

To look at it another way, the trafficing company has no knowledge of what is a legal requirement and what is a client requirement.

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Thanks Tim!

Uhh, action safe has been the new title safe for us for the last few years here in the States at least as far as Extreme Reach is concerned.

I don’t use the old terms. Title safe is 90% and action is 93%.

Well, Flame still defines title safe as 80% and action safe as 90%, so I guess I was using the old terms and meant 90%.

I build my own guides. There are several applications that still have the old standard.

Green is title safe and blue is action.

Enough answers were already given…
But if more technical specs about Europe’s specifications about safe areas, check this link:

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Thanks Chris. Great!

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