Flame Links and Resources

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Flame Support http://manage.autodesk.com

Flame Central What's New in Flame? | Autodesk

Flame Technical Support Contacting customer support for Flame or Smoke | Flame Products | Autodesk Knowledge Network

Flame Feedback area.autodesk.com/flamefeedback

Logik Matchbox Shaders http://logik-matchbook.org

Flame Python Scripts http://www.flamepy.com

Flame Python Scripts http://www.pyflame.com

Flame 30 day Trial Download Flame 2023 | Flame Free Trial | Autodesk

Flame Educational Version: Autodesk Education & Student Access | Autodesk

Title Safe: SMPTE 2049-1 and 2049-2 explained Understanding the Safe Title Area in TV Production and Why It’s Important | Extreme Reach


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