Save gradings as reuseable setting in Explorer/TL FX

Hi all,

have to color correct about 30 single shots (slide show project) because they are taken with a too small lens aperture (-2) (and therefor all of the picts are too dark).

Fortunately the same scene was taken some seconds before with perfects settings.

So I dropped that reference shot to Explorer/TL FX at the right side of the screen in order to use it as reusabale setting as described in "Grading & VFX with the Explorer - Part 1 - Flame 2021

But when dropping the reference-shot from Explorer/TL FX to the one of the bad looking shots/segments in Effects, nothing happens :frowning:

Only if I color correct the reference shot really different (with the CC tools in Effects before dropping it to Explorer/TL FX, these changes are afterwards successfully applied to the bad looking shots.

Could it be possible that the characteristics of the reference shot are too similar to the characteristics of the bad looking ones and that this is the reason that the procedure does not work?

Thank’s a lot for any feedback!

This is…not how color correction works.

When you are saving stuff over in the explorer you are saving settings for whatever tool (in this case probably Image TLFX.) For the perfect settings shot you probably didn’t do much if anything in the Image effect, so when you paste those settings onto the dark shots, nothing happens. To do what you want, you need to spin the wheels on a too-dark shot and get it looking like the perfect reference, then save THAT tlfx over in the Explorer and put it on the other shots.

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@hBomb42’s explanation is spot on.

The purpose of dropping the reference shot into the explorer is actually not to put in the TL-FX, but in the reference tab. From there you can then turn compare mode on in a vertical split to help you make the adjustments in the CC or IM nodes. Once you have those adjustments made, that’s where the second part comes in.

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Many thanks to each one of you. I do now understand how it should work.

It turned out that my situation is not that easy because the too dark shots in addition are not very sharp and therefore they lack structure… so I will continue to play with the wheels :slight_smile: