Save the Date: NY Flame User Group on January 17, 2024!

Save the Date!
We’re doing a Flame User Group in NYC on January 17, 2024! It’s our first in-person NY UG in 4 years! Invites will be going out soon.

** We are looking for presenters! ** If you have something that you’d like to share with the NY community please drop me a line at


Why is there a dog at the user group

For the same reason that there is a disembodied leather jacket floating in front of the TV.

I’m interested in the presence of the alien eggs… are we gonna play Facehugger Roulette? Milkis, you know how to throw a party!


No matter what alien eggs or whatever, I’ll try to be there! Do I need to register anywhere?

Thank you!


LOL! Thanks, Alexander. Looking forward to seeing you! Registration link will go out in the next couple of weeks.

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