🔥 NY Flame User Group on 1/17 - Registration Link 🔥

Start the New Year by joining the NY Flame User Group at Penthouse 45 on January 17th.

We’ve got a packed night planned:

John Geehreng
Tools to Help Conforming Resizes

Jan Klier
Procedural Cleanup Techniques

Bryan Bayley
Replacing the Text Node with Photoshop

Tim Farrell
Getting the Most out of Motion Vector Tracking

Brian Bashaw
The future of VFX with Hammerspace on AWS

Fred Warren & Stephane Labrie
What’s new in Flame 2024.2

Drinks and food will be provided by CineSys, Hammerspace and AWS.
Doors open at 6:30p and the event will start promptly at 7p.

Registration is REQUIRED and space is limited!
RSVP by clicking HERE


Pictures from the event! Great to see everyone who was there!


Sorry I had to bail. Clients don’t take no for an answer.


Very nice pictures @Jeff!

Thanks all for attending the UG! I forgot to touch on a very important topic last night that started many moons ago on flame-news (I know, I am wise!) but thanks to Fox 5 New York, we all know the truth now!



Excellent photography of a wonderful evening. Well done and thank you @Jeff

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Thank you, @Jeff !!
It is great to see old friends even through pictures!!

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Bummer, was looking forward to your presentation Tim.

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Yes! I second this! Sorry to hear you couldn’t make it. You were sorely missed @ytf . I was also itching to hear about some cool MV stuff.

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One key person not in these gr8 photos…


Excellent photos as usual! Thanks for capturing the event – Looks like it was a great time!

last post 9 months ago? are you a bot?




Marketing shill!


Asking Comedy Central GIF by Lights Out with David Spade


Thanks for the great event. Nice to meet a bunch of you in person. Looking forward to the next UG!


Hey those AI Flame artists look pretty convincing for the most part.


Haha, well now that you mention it @GPM I will concede say there was one shot that wasn’t like the others- the best shot of Ben Murray celebrating winning his amazing prize was unfortunately super dark, so I did have to do some Photoshop Camera Raw AI Denoise to get it into a world that I was happy with, and as a result, it does feel a little AI!

fab photos @Jeff . So lovely to see everyone and meet people IRL for the first time

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Looked like a fantastic night! Bummed I had to miss it.

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