Seeking Flame Expert For Help Sessions

Job Post: Screen Sharing Help Sessions for Flame User

Description: I am a new Autodesk Flame user seeking screen sharing help sessions on an as-needed basis, to assist in learning about Flame and troubleshooting current projects. I am in the process of exhaustively developing my optimal workflow for creating promo video content that includes a mix of stock footage, VFX, and motion graphics, such as kinetic typography and 3D animated assets.

Our sessions will typically consist of me sharing my screen as I try to do something or you sharing your screen to demonstrate a workflow or give me a tour of an advanced flame project to elevate my understanding of important concepts and procedures.


  • Intermediate to advanced, comprehensive knowledge of Autodesk Flame.
  • Proficiency with related toolsets, including but not limited to:
    • Silhouette
    • Matchbook/Matchbox
    • SynthEyes
    • Mocha
    • Sapphire
    • Continuum
  • Ability to assist in real-time via screen sharing sessions.
  • Experience with integrating VFX and motion graphics into video content.
  • Familiarity with 2.5D/3D video manipulations and the use of stock footage.


  • Provide expert guidance and troubleshooting for various features and tools within Autodesk Flame.
  • Assist in the development of workflows that effectively combine VFX, motion graphics, and stock footage.
  • Offer tips and techniques for optimizing project workflows.
  • Help in creating professional promo video content that meets industry standards.

Hourly Rate and Availability: Please include your hourly rate and availability in your application.

How to Apply: If interested, provide a link to your portfolio and provide your discord ID so I can add you. If you prefer to share that in private then send an email to


If it helps you and in case you did miss it, there also is the Logik Academy with a lot of sessions and mentors to learn from:


What´s your experience in the VFX world? (0-10)

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I’d say a 5/10. I’m a very broad generalist. I have used most software in the CG pipeline at some point, but nowadays mostly use After Effects, Cinema 4D, and Houdini. My experience is more on the side of keyframe animation and creating simulations and texturing/rendering 3D scenes. I’ve installed and opened Nuke a few times, but never had time to get into it. 3D compositing is new to me – I’ve only done compositing in After Effects and Da Vinci Resolve (Fusion).

I’ve been watching Flame tutorials on and off for the past few months, learning the basics and researching the plugin ecosystem. It’s my first time looking at Boris FX plug-ins in-depth. The main things I need help with at the moment are:

  1. Understanding Flame’s interface for CG compositing
  2. Assessing the pros and cons of particular workflows for specific used cases.
  3. Assessing the current state of the art by examining tool and plug-in ecosystem around Flame.

Many tools have redundant/overlapping features, so having an up-to-date professional to talk to would help me get a better sense of what the current state of the art is, without having to read all the documentation and test out tools myself and make comparisons based off of 2-year-old YouTube tutorials. I need some insights that could help me understand which use cases are viable with Flame native tools versus plug-ins, such as Boris FX (silhouette[ml retimer, ez mask, ml assist, stability, etc], mocha, synth eyes), Neat, Timewarp ML, Frischluft Lens Care.

It would also be a bonus if you know smoke classic hotkeys.

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Hi Randy I’m a huge fan :smiling_face: any chance we could get on a call?

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Well, it’s not a dealbreaker. Basically, if I have something to learn from you and the rate is within my budget, then I would definitely be interested. I have hired tutors to help me with pretty much every software out there and even after I have gained all their powers we tend to stay in touch for years and refer each other jobs. A lot of sessions were even more like a study group in that they were learning just as much alongside me. I still find value in watching tutors fumbling around and doing Google searches because that’s part of the process. I like to think I am a pretty laid-back client offering an easy gig – every review I’ve given on tutors I hired on Upwork has been a perfect score feedback.

Wise choice for smoke keys.

I know there’ll be loads of indignant flame ops but in my humble opinion, it’s just so easy to edit with smoke classic. There are trade offs like undo and save but it’s worth it.


I don’t know enough about Flame to develop a strong opinion, but smoke classic hot keys just fit with my particular keyboard set up and background.

Smoke Classic def is a good choice when right handed, as most shortcuts are on the left keyboard side, so you use them without moving to much or colliding with the tablet hand.