Simple Hacks to improve your Mac

How would you go about copying a files path so that you can paste it into a message?

Probably cmd () + i and then highlighting the path before copying and pasting?

How about adding a right click option on your Mac for copying a files path. One click? I came across this method of using Automator a while back and I add it to every Mac machine I sit down on. Simply amazing, amazingly simple.


i do it this way - navigate to the path you want using Finder, then on the pathway shown on the lower bar of the finder window click on the filename whilst holding Control - you get a dropdown with the option to copy the pathname to the file.


Ooh. That’s a good one!

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A while ago I learned CMD + OPTION + C which copies the file path into the clipboard. Default for Mac shortcuts.

Edit: It even works with multiple selections inside a finder directory


Its actually even easier than that! Just right-click on a folder or file and hold Option, you’ll get an option to copy the selected item as a pathname.


thanks Kirk …i don’t use a mouse, and i don’t use the pen buttons, so right click for me is more to do with modifier keys. Good to know though.