Copy a path

This is something so simple that I’m embarrassed to even ask but is there a way to copy a path of a file from the MediaHub that can be pasted into an email, etc. ?

Yeah. I double click on the file path at the top and it opens this window where I can edit, copy and then paste.

Was that what you meant @greg ?


Thanks! I knew there must be a way - I probably used to know it but forgot it.

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If you’re looking to copy the path to a specific file, I have this script: (1.4 KB)
Just right click a single file in the mediaHub and look for Copy->Path
It works with directories too.


Thanks John! That would be great except I’m freelancing on other peoples’ Flames so I can’t install any scripts but I’ll keep that in mind whenever I end up working on my own.

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What about copying a file path from a clip in a timeline? @ace_elliott just asked this on Discord and I wanted to file it away here, wiki style.

Hi! Does anyone know if there a way to copy a path from a clip in timeline that you use command/windows to find the path ( the box that pops up)?
i saw something in discord how to copy path to pu in media hub to find in flame, but mostly to copy path to then alt tab to put into an email?

@MikeV has a python script in the Logik Portal that does this
You can install it via the portal, or here’s a link to it in the GitHub repository

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Another way to do this without python:
Right click make bfx, open bfx, right click clip and replace from media hub, and get same window as above to copy location. Only works if media live.


@PlaceYourBetts Is there a way to copy a path or text from one machine (iMac at home) and then copy to Linux flame (Pulse/NoMachine set up to work) that are both linked to NoMachine?

Also, the ever changing google doc that would be need to be accessed is where the Names of files would be copied from.

Edit: the flame machine has to be offline from the internet

In the absence of a better answer from some one who may actually know, perhaps you could open some sort of chat window on both machines.

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Good idea! I just updated the post …however cant have internet

“Edit: the flame machine has to be offline from the internet”

oh well . . .

:sob: #firstworldproblems

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If the Linux Flame is running nomachine, doesn’t it have to be on the internet? Or did you just mean it can’t run a browser?

I can copy a file path on my Mac and then paste it through TeamView or Teradici.

I think it just makes use of the clipboard tech on my Mac finder.

Not sure about your exact setup tho sorry.

i was told the linux flame doesnt have any internet connected to it