Small victories

Day10 of Shotgrid. The struggle’s been real. The victories, small but sweet.

Nov-29-2023 17-55-47

For context, you’re looking at →

  • Multi-pipeline Shotgrid config with custom folder schema.
  • Flame to Shotgrid publish with automatic task creation based on segment marker comments–ie “comp,roto,paint” creates those tasks in the project.
  • Multiple task renders from Nuke–comp, roto, paint–rendered and injected into the timeline openclip.
  • Batch group render injected into the same openclip.
  • Tears of joy as I swap seamlessly between all task renders.

Sachin at @FriendsFromAutodesk has been amazing.


Matt Smith Talk GIF by Doctor Who

This must be the new Anti-AI GIF. You describe it and we all imagine what it would look like.