Linking Flame renders to shots/tasks in Shotgrid

Hello, I was curious if any was able to get the ability to link Flame renders to a shot/task in Shotgrid. I have tried following this discussion but cannot seem to get it working. Any thoughts?




@jesse ?

Watch the Logik Live I did on this.

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This one @ALan ?


Thanks, I’ll check it out.
That’s the one I found too, episode 22



Thank you for putting together that video. I knew it sounded familiar to me, I had watched it before. This did help get me up our site up and running. Unfortunately, this does not really answer my current question though. While watching I saw that you had this UI for your publisher (after the Flame render):

This is where I would like help getting the “Task” and “Link” entity in the UI. Currently, I am only able to get the standard UI:


Any help getting there would be much appreciated. The discussion link in the original post talks about adding those to publish window but I am not able to achieve the same outcome.

You may try the script I did back in the day that brings some of the Shotgrid functionality in context menu in Flame, it just been updated to work with Shotgrid and Flame 2022:


Thanks, I’ll have to give that a try


I tried out your script but didn’t get the results I was looking for. The shot wouldn’t render after I chose to publish to the given task. I was also curious if this would update the open clip file created from the initial publish to shotgrid?

That works in slightly different way - you don’t use write node here, just render the clip to the reel and publish it with right click. You can add the shot to publish into and the menu should be populated with tasks, so you can publish into specific task. You might need to set publishing template in preferences as it does not read the toolkit settings at the moment.

Openclip updates is not currently happening, I have it implemented in a standalone module but still need to bring it in here

that script does work really well, in our workflow we utilize the open clips, so unfortunately this does not solve my issue. Has anyone successfully been able to take control of the tk-config-flameplugin in shotgrid? I have been waiting about 4-5 weeks for some insight from support but no real reply yet.

I have tried following the discussion you started a few years back, I am curious if you ever able to get this to work? Any help would be appreciated. thanks guys.

ShotGrid support is non-existent. Literally, it is a blackhole. All the SG originals have left the company, all that is left is un-inspired contract coders that know nothing of our industry. Even the founder of SG has left.

You can take control of SG if you want, that is called Advanced Config, but it is no fun at all.

Thanks for the reply. I am currently using an advanced configuration, my last issue at the moment is the fact that renders from flame don’t link to the given task assigned in SG. I noticed in your video when you rendered a batch from flame you had the publish window pop up allowing you to manually link the render/version to the task. Currently I only get the “send to review” window without the option to link. Do you remember how you got to that point?

Sorry, no. I never got anywhere with it. I emailed Alex and Sachin from Autodesk and invited them to jump on this thread to see if they can help you out at all.

Thanks Andy

Are they even still with ShotGrid? Everyone I knew from there before is now elsewhere.

So I was able to figure out how to get the window I was looking for, now my question is this; is there a way to disable the “send to review” after the flame render? at the moment, once the render happens, the it gets published to SG, then I get the actual publish window where I can manually link to the task. So my hope is to just use that instead.

I might have spoken too soon. I did get the publish ui to pop up and I am able to add the task to link to in the task field of the summary of the publish, although when I select the other publish plugins they say that context changing has been disabled. How can I go about enabling the context change throughout the rest of the publish?

Hi Dustin, as I’m planning to add openclips to that script I was wandering what is your workflow, do you have it published and managed by SG with templates as a secondary publish?

Hey Talosh, thanks for reaching out. Yeah, to answer your question. Currently, We have set up a Flame and Nuke workflow (prep and publishes through Flame and shot work from both). After the rendering from the write node in Flame, SG takes over and manages the rest (obviously without the task linking).