SORA takes on the music video

I had no involvement in anyway, but I think it’s worth sharing:

Also this writeup on FX Guide:,of%20what's%20possible%20in%20filmmaking


Interesting. But I was bored after 30s, and that’s already adjusting for the Sora curiosity.

In the article they claim that the cost for the AI part would be $644. However, that’s not taking into account the training costs. Right now training is subsidized by investors, but that only lasts that long. Once they have to spread the training costs among the users, will it still only be $644 for a pretty boring endless conveyer belt of characters that sit somewhere between anime and real-life? Find that hard to believe.

The want to gamble a quarter of the US GDP on the following generation of this underwhelming result? OK.

I think once the curiosity wears off, this will be discarded pretty quick. Were it not for that curiosity I would have clicked away after 5s. Already we see GenZ walking off in many different directions of what what was the norm.

I’d actually love to see what GenZ thinks about that kind of video, and the generation after them. If they don’t buy into it, it’s definitely DOA. Otherwise it might flourish and we will wonder what the world has come to.


This is how I feel a lot of the time now. Seems that the technology is driving the aesthetic but the aesthetic without knowing what technology was used is not very interesting and I can’t see that grabbing public interest for very long.

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For those of you that have children between 12 and 25, who presumably watch music videos on YT and TikTok by the dozen. Would you be willing to show them this video and get their reactions?

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I’m developmentally a child and I found it super neat-o! For about 30 seconds. Then I saw a squirrel.


Gen Z’s already blazing their own trails, so whether they hop on board with this kind of content or not will be a big deal. It’s like, will they see it as the next big thing or just another passing fad.

My 14, 14, and 11 year old won’t watch it. They already have such a hatred and distrust of AI tools that they refuse to use/support it at all.


Exactly. Some of it may depend on who the standard bearers of AI end up being. GenZ has a healthy distrust of the older generations, and will definitely not just take their word for it. They have seen their parents work super hard only to be lied to and abandoned by disingenuous corporations. If AI is pushed on them by corporate greed, it’s all over. If AI has a decent amount of standard bearers and innovators from their own generation, they will see it more positively.

Same here with my 20 and 18 year old. Of course they just went batshit crazy when I pulled out my old MiniDV camcorder from 98 as well so maybe they’re an extreme case.

They loved the “look” :joy:


My daughter and her friends generally don’t use or appreciate AI generated content. The only instance she talked about it was about some MetGala images of non-attending celebrities…

This video in my opinion has Michel Gondry vibes but it’s too nauseating with all the forward motion. And I don’t get nauseated easily. I think we’ll see lots of videos like this, it’s going to be overused and abused as a popular technique and will fade in comparison to classic film making.

That’s why our young adult offspring are all in on what was dope when we were young. Totally agree with @cnoellert here. My daughter is collecting film cameras, vinyl records and curious about cassette tapes.


@Ashby is too humble of a guy to toot his own horn so i’ll do it for him. This music video was made by actual real people and @Ashby was the vfx supe and it’s super fun to watch. enjoy.


Hahaha! I love it. She dresses up as Christie from Tekken! And I’m pretty sure Boa is a reference to warlord of the sea Boa Hancock from One Piece.

It also looks great.

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Thanks @TimC and @andy_dill!

Yes this was a fun one - lots of pop culture references in there: Anime, Tekken, Scott Pilgrim, DJ Snake etc.



I thought it was brilliant. It’s rough but also fun. A one trick pony of an idea but so what.