Spin up a cloud-based studio with Amazon Nimble Studio?

Hello, friends! Long-time listener, first-time caller.

I got a note this morning from Amazon AWS about their new self-serve creative studio in the cloud:

It seems to be a (relatively) user-friendly set of management tools for the set of AWS services you’d need to run some workstations and shared storage.

Before I dive in… are any brave souls here giving this a spin?



Also, see the Gunpowder Logik Live and friends here @Gunpowder

Sorry what does this allow you to do?

Want to provision out 10 more flames and 1000 render nodes (ignoring licensing issues) in a few minutes?

And put a gal in LA on a local data center Flame and a dude in Chicago on a Iowa data center Flame and a lady friend in LON on a Uk data center flame all taking 40gb to each other amd 10gig to the internet.


in 2030 we will laugh at “buying a workstation” .


This is incredible? How much does it cost to run a decent flame workstation?
Aloso how does it work from a confidentiality POV with the footage?

Pricing discussed here.


This is brilliant. My company are looking i to getting 2 new flames, wonder if this would be more beneficial?

from @andymilkis

Def tune in to Logik Live this Sunday! Will is going to be on and we’re going to geek out on running Flame in the AWS cloud. Streaming live to YouTube…registration and link at www.logiklive.com


It solves a lot of problems. Not all of them, but a lot.

@tombox and @tgentry are the @Gunpowder guys you see in the vid.

info@gunpowder.tech is their email