Talkin Timewarps Two - Sparks and Plugins

For the longest time I’ve always said that all TW plugins are different but basically equal. Some get certain shots or parts of shots right, some get others.

But in the past year Twixtor has risen to the top (of a tiny list, what with Furnace basically gone).

It’s a spendy plugin ($892.50 USD), but I’m amazed at the sorts of things It’s pulled off without much fuss.

Have other people found the same? Are there any other plugins you like?

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A mix of many tools is always the best. The result from resolve optical flow gave me some really interesting result.

I recomend resolve ML speed warp

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TW is always a mixture of different tools:

Twixtor is one of the best ones.

After that actually is Resolve‘s ML Speedwarp. Especially with well trained objects like humans or faces it does a surprising good job.

Then Twixtor in AE, which does something differently.

And Kronos from Nuke. There was a Furnace Spark for flame of it, but i’m not sure if this is being updated lately.

Flame‘s own timewarp gets it‘s action, when footage is simple.

I’ve heard some rumors, that Autodesk is working on a ML Timewarp? Would love to see that soon! :slight_smile: