Telestream Post Producer

Anyone ever used this? I am dealing a lot with language versions in europe , allready have 129 edits but then i get charts in ger/ita/uk/fra and so on and things tend to spiral compeltely out of control.

seems like using something that automatically assembles versions would save me and my clients a TON of money.

My other thing i am thibking about is creating sonething like this but web based, where lets say someone in italy can upload charts and audio and get back master files back, pretty simple stuff usually , charts, legals and audio…

hi @finnjaeger . I’m not familiar with telestream post producer but a while ago i was looking for something to do huge quantity of video versioning and i saw this:

that basically does the versioning in after effect with data driven from a google sheet?

Hope is useful.


I have not used telestream stuff in almost 20 years. From memory their products were good but very locked in - not flexible. And expensive.

The after effects solution I’ve also heard of.

Never used either product to do what’s being proposed but I would probably give after effects a nudge first since it’s relatively simple and cheap.